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[IPk] learning the hard way yet again

I got it seriously wrong again this morning.
I needed to change the set (Sofset) and refill the cartridge.
Since it was 7.30am and I was not really awake, I thought I would
reuse the cartridge and tubing and just change the bottom
section. Since the tubing was still full of insulin it seemed a waste
to chuck it out. So I filled the syringe and primed it
appropriately. I figured since there was insulin coming out of the
reservoir and the tubing was still full, there wouldn't be any
air. Made sure insulin was running all through the bottom section
right to hte needle, inserted it, thought everythign was fine, checked
2 hours later and it was. Then at 2pm checked again - 22 mmol/l.

Coldn't see any air but it was there OK as the insulin wsn't coming
out properly.
6 hours after the site change would be about the lenght of time for
air to get from one end of the tube to the other.
So 2 possibilities:
either there was air lurking in the connector (I only seem to have
this problem with Sofsets for some reason) or there was a big gap
between the insulin in the tube and the insulin in the reservoir when
I reconnected the two together. I can't understand why this should be
- am I being stupid here? - but it seems to be the obvious reason.
Any thoughts anyone?

I thought I was doing really well as I haven't had any air bubble
problems in the last couple of weeks (and sorry John, but I refuse to
get someone to help me - I am determined to crack this one on my own)

P.S. My BG is coming back down nicely now BTW.

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