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Re: [IPk] more questions

Michael, I'm having trouible finding a bikini with a high enough waistline. 
I haven't tried putting them on bum yet. I've heard that it hurts when you 
sit down. Must also be hard to put them in...


> > Bikinis.
> >
> > What the heck do you do with a bikini? Maybe I should re-word that!
> > What do you do with the pump when wearing a bikini. Any ideas
> > lads?!! <g>
> >
> > Most of the bikini bottoms are so low i.e not covering the belly
> > button that it would be painful to put an infusion set in below the
> > waistline. I guess if I'm planning on wearing a bikini for most of
> > the day it would be best to go to the pen, but then that means
> > putting a fresh set in EVERY day.
> >
>My 15 year old daughter, Lily, will not wear a set ABOVE the
>waistline. She always puts her sets in the area below and to the
>right and left of her belly button (sofsets). They are well hidden
>with a bikini. She uses her backside and Tenders as well.
> > The German DSN who trained me said that she met a couple of women
> > who put the sets in the side of their breasts! You were waning to
> > experiment with sites Di, try there! I guess it makes sense. There's
> > fatty tissue, but I would have thought it would be just a little
> > sensitive!!
> >

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