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Re: [IPk] Insurance

I haven't got any kind of insurance on mine but I figure how likely is
it to get lost or stolen? After all, it's attached to me all the
time. I guess the only posibility is something like if I go on holiday
and take it off for swimming or something.
The only thing that really worries me is if it should break down,
especially as it's not new.

But I don't have house insurance - living in Rusholme I can't afford
to insure anything (and I don't have anything left worth stealing now)
so I don't know how I'd do it.


> I added my pumps to my household insurance with no problem, they did ask
> what it did and when i started to explain they said they didn't really need
> to know.  It is covered no matter where i am, make sure that you have
> worldwide cover on it just in case you lose it in the middle of no-where.
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