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Re: [IPk] more questions

> What the heck do you do with a bikini? Maybe I should re-word that! What do 
> you do with the pump when wearing a bikini. Any ideas lads?!! <g>

Well personally I won't be wearing a bikini till I've lost a lot more
weight, but anyway....

> Most of the bikini bottoms are so low i.e not covering the belly button that 
> it would be painful to put an infusion set in below the waistline. 

Can you not use the bit right at the bottom of your stomach (if you
see what I mean)? Or do you think the bikini would rub on it?

I would just use the part above the waistline or the hip. Of course, it would
show, but not much, especially with the Tender. When you're not
actually swimming I imagine you'd  be wearing something over it so
there'sd be somewhere to put the actual pump (I'd just shove it in the
bikini top or bottoms at the side) or put it in the pocket od shorts
or something.

> The German DSN who trained me said that she met a couple of women who put 
> the sets in the side of their breasts! You were waning to experiment with 
> sites Di, try there! I guess it makes sense. There’s fatty tissue, but I 
> would have thought it would be just a little sensitive!!
Eek. No thanks! I definitely wouldn't put a Sofset there! And on y a
Tender if I was really desperate!
Plus I don't really want any scar tissue there!

> Another thing. Di, when you latin dance is it quite close contact with your 
> partner?

yes, extremely. (and for ballroom your hips are completely together
The only problemI've had so far was when I had a Tender in the top
part of my stomach and there was a little loose tubing, and as I spun
and went into a drop (leaning back with my head to the floor balanced on one foot
my partner was supporting all my weight with one hand round the waist,
and he got his hand caught in the tubing and accidentally yanked at
it. Ow! The set got a bit dislodged and the tape came a bit unstuck
but it didn't come out. I had to change it later though.
But otherwise, I haven't found it a problem so far, even though I am
often right up against my partner where the site is, or his hand is
right on top of it. Sometimes I need some extra tape as the sweat make
sit some a it unstuck, but it hasn't hurt since I started using Skin
Prep on the site before I insert it. A couple of times it's got a bit
itchy after the gym but that's been when the site has needed changing
maybe you could put some extra tape to hold it all down when you go
clubbing? A big piece right over the top of everything (as long as
you can get it off without pulling the set out afterwards).
> The reason why I wear the tender is so I can easily take the pump off and on 
> for clubbing nights. Does anyone else get this problem? I think the sweat 
> must have something to do with it because sometimes after the gym my site 
> gets itchy.

Do you take it off when you go clubbing then? 

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