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Re: [IPk] Glasgow conference

Hi Di and John

I think there are several reasons why it is being hailed as a great
discovery.  First and possibly foremost is that people do not need to inject.

Looking at the comments from people who are newly diagnosed and from a lot
of people who are  type 2's one of the biggest fears or things they don't
want to do is inject.  I know theses days it is relatively painless but
people still have a fear of needles and injections.

If you could offer insulin treatment without injections people wouldn't
possibly be quiet so worried about diabetes.

The other reasons are probably technical, to do with finding a mechanism
that will deliver consistent quantities of insulin to the blood stream.

I have questions on its use and how effective it will be under all
conditions and how many units of insulin is a single shot ?


At 18:29 10/05/99 , you wrote:
>Hi john
>That was exacty my point. i am very sceptical about it and in any case
>\I don't see hwat advantage it has to offer over MDI apart from
>physically not having to inject yourslef (which doesn't bother me
>anyway). Presumably you'd have to be inhaling both long-acting and

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