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Re: [IPk] pump and monitor

> This is only phase 1 of the product and once the device is accepted
> as reliable and useful by all concerned it will be very closely
> followed by Phase 2 which will provide all of the information on the
> screen and have a hypo alarm.
> The idea for Phase 1 is that childen will wear the device over night
> for 3 days and the doc will then be able to alter the insulin doses
> accordingly to avoid hypo .It is certainly a lot better than we
> currently have which involves  bringing individuals into hospital
> overnight for 24 hour  studies with blood testing hourly .

Gee, read the HOWTO on the web site about profiling basal rates!!


What your folks are failing to understand is that the endo is out of 
the loop. Basal rate adjustment and monitoring is being done by the 
patient and/or family in the case of a child. It is not practical to 
visit an endo to get these things done for several reasons. Many 
times it takes weeks to get an appointment, much less 2 in a row. For 
pediatric patients, the endo and staff many times know less than the 
patient's caretakers. Adolescent bg's (particularly girls in puberty) 
change often and dramatically so this "profiling" procedure needs to 
be done fairly often. The information from the monitoring device is 
useful in real time, not delayed by days and days.

Medical Secrecy => Stupidity

The old argument about being "cautious" is getting very tired. Sounds 
more like the CIA than a modern medical decision making. Read the 
"continuous" comments on the US list about the actions and behavior 
of the medical profession when it comes to placing children on the 
pump. It is usually a horrendous fight, many times involving 
switching endos. It is time for the medical community to wake up and 
come into the 20th century, seeing as how it's almost over. There is 
no excuse any longer for the rational the the information about our 
own health is somehow to "dangerous" for us to know.

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