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Re: [IPk] Glasgow conference

Hi john
That was exacty my point. i am very sceptical about it and in any case
\I don't see hwat advantage it has to offer over MDI apart from
physically not having to inject yourslef (which doesn't bother me
anyway). Presumably you'd have to be inhaling both long-acting and
shortacting insulins, as with MDI (unless you really want to be
sniffing something every 6 minutes <g>). Even assuming it did work perfectly
from the absorption point, I still don't see the advantage over
pumps. And yet time and again it's being hailed as a great news
discovery and "the future for diabetes care". No mention of pumps in
the same light.


> I have my doubts that inhaled insulin will ever become a licensed product
> available for general use.  
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