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[IPk] Insulin chemistry and pumps

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From:          Bill Van Antwerp <email @ redacted>

Can someone in your organization please post the following message to
the pump users group. I am having difficulty getting my e-mail from my
outside server and am temporarily off line.

We at MiniMed are continually interested in how well our products and
all pump products are accepted in the pumping community.  About a year
ago there was considerable discussion about infusion site loss with
LISPRO.  Is this still a concern.  At that time, some people were
mixing LISPRO with small amounts of Velosulin, are you still doing
this and does it work?  Finally, are there any other difficulties that
we should be aware of like excessive no-delivery alarms, air in tubing
or syringes or any other issues.

Please reply to email @ redacted for now, I hopefully can find a good
e-mail service to get back on line soon.

Thank you,

Bill Van Antwerp
Minimed Inc
email @ redacted
818 362 5958 x 2913.

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