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Re: [IPk] Insurance


The great thing about this job is that despite having worked in diabetes for
a long time I continue to get questions that I cannot answer!!

Please check with your home contents insurance company whether you can
insure the pump under the all risks section of your policy.  I insure my
wife's mobile phone and our camera gear and our bikes under this section.
We have to specify these as separate items, declare their value and pay an
additional premium.  The good news is that on our policy these items are
then covered for loss, theft or damage anywhere in the world (unless there
is a war on -narrows it down a little!).

In case you don't already have it our Canada distibutor can be contacted on

Auto Control Medical Inc
6695 Millcreek Drive
Unit 5
Ontario L5N 5R8

Tel   +1 905 814 6350
Fax  +1 905 814 6355

They are run from our USA office and it would be best to contact them first

Disetronic Medical Systems Inc
5201 East River Road
Suite 312
MN  55421-1014

Tel  001 612 571 6878
Fax 001 612 571 6061

e-mail email @ redacted

have fun but make sure you take enough sets to tide you over

Best wishes

John H
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Date: 08 May 1999 19:25
Subject: [IPk] Insurance

>Is the pump covered on house insurance? and what about when travelling? I
>better find out if I'm spending the ski season in Canada this year. I'm
>planning on getting my supplies from Disetronic Canada. Don't see why there
>should be any problems. John H?
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