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Re: [IPk] Glasgow conference


I helped to set up the patient empowerment initiiative that resulted in the
I o W meeting and it started with 4 keen DSNs.  The principle has been
around since the 80's but anything relating top psychosocial issues gets
short shrift from the medics.  A key element of my work with the empowerment
group was to develop techniques that would enable the effects of the
empowerment workshops to be scientifically measured and evaluated.  This was
achieved at a satellite workshop with Dr Bob Anderson of Michigan at last
years ADA.  The result was a paper presented at the BDa at Glasgow.  This
was a major development.  Unfortunately I set this project up while I was at
my previous company and I do not know whether my successors will continue to
fund the workshops- after all it does not obviously lead to additional
immediate sales.

Best wishes

John H

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Date: 08 May 1999 00:49
Subject: Re: [IPk] Glasgow conference

>Hi John
>This seems to contrast with the view that I had last year from the IoW
>Conference on Patient Empowerment.
>There was a lot of encouraging talk about empowering the patient to take
>control and the healthcare professionals providing the appropriate
>information, support and backup to enable patients to do that where it is
>appropriate to do so - basically to try and form a partnership.  Also a
>realisation that the "prescriptive" approach that many were taught in Med
>school does not really apply to diabetes.
>I guess there is still a long way to go.
>>They do not seem to want us to be in control of our own diabetes, THEY
>>to control us. They seem not to trust us to make our own decisions. If you
>>are on the Pen, you are told to have so many units for breakfast, so many
>>for lunch, so many for dinner and so many overnight, but they never
>>how many carbohydrates to eat at each meal, and you are told never to
>>you insulin dose by more than two units at any one time. I was told by
>>nurses that diabetics won't count c/h's. No wonder some of us get
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