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Re: [IPk] pump wearing

> Some people just "like them". They are more rugged since the steel
> needle stickes straight in and can't slip.

Just wondered if there was any particular advantage.
> I was just experimenting. I'm like that. Just because something works
> well doesn't mean something else might work even better.

yes, I know that one well! 
I always like to try all the possibilities.
I've gone back to Sofsets (enforced while I'm STILL waiting for the
Silhouettes to be ordered) and don't find them nearly as bad as I
first thought. i can't feel this one at all whereas I can always feel
the Sils if I press down on the actual spot. It does feel more secure,
but I still don't like the QR part of it or its non-flatness. The
disconnector always seems to end up in a really awkward place for soem
reason. So I'm still in two minds about which I prefer.

I got the last Sil to last for 5 days (after which time it started to
itch a bit) so I was quite happy about that, especially as I can't
even feel or see the site 2 days later. The first ones were only
lasting a couple of days.

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