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Re: [IPk] pump wearing

Diana Maynard wrote:
> OK, I've seen the website pics now.
> Steven, I don't think you have them on your site yet?
> So, what's the advantage of Rapids over the MM Sofsets?
> it's a needle instead of Teflon (seems like a downside).
> It's not unpluggable (another downside).
> It appears from the picture to be a bit flatter than the Sofset (I
> really hate the way that sticks up) but that seems about it.

Some people just "like them". They are more rugged since the steel
needle stickes straight in and can't slip.

> John N, just out of interest, why are you switching from Tenders?
> Or are you just experimenting with all the options?

I was just experimenting. I'm like that. Just because something works
well doesn't mean something else might work even better.

In fact I'd been having a bit of trouble with scarring at the infusion
point. There doesn't seem to be a problem with infection, but it can
sometimes take a week or two for the infusion point to heal completely.
I'd tried different insulins - mixing a little Velosulin with the
Humalog is reported by some to bring benefits - but this didn't resolve
the issue. The diabetes nurse (pump specialist) at my Freiburg clinic
suggested my skin might be rejecting something in the Tenders, and the
Rapids might solve the problem. In fact it didn't. So I'm now changing
the Tender every 2 days. Since my German health insurance covers it all,
that's not a problem. But if I were paying myself (as I was last year in
the UK) this solution would not be so acceptable.

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