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Re: [IPk] pump and monitor

> On Sun, 9 May 1999, morag_mclaren_minimed wrote:
> > The rationale for not showing the glucose readings on the screen every 5
> > mins is because we need to be sure that both the medical community and
> > people with diabetes understand how to respond to these readings with
> > appropriate insulin doses and because we don't want people to become
> > obsessed with chasing glucose values .
> > 
> Baloney! Hiding information is stupid. 

I quite agree, Michael.
This is like the specialist nurse who told me I was testing too much
(at the time only about 5 or 6 times a day) and was just *confusing*
things. Excuse me, but I'd rather know if I'm about to play squash and
my BG is only 4 mmol/l *beforehand* not when I collapse on the court
15 minutes later. And if my Bg shoots up to 18 mmol/l an hour after
exercise, I want to bring it down then and there, not 3 hours later
when it probably stil hasn't come down. Same if I wake up in the night
and feel strange - leaving a night time hypo even 5 minutes can be
disastrous as I don't wake up until I'm quite far gone.

Whether you choose to adjust your insulin or not is up to you, but
it's always useful to have the information available. I may test up to
15 times a day if I need to - having a sensor which
provides you with constant readings and still having to test makes no
sense at all. This kind of attitude from the medical profession really annoys me.

If you're worried about people not responding correctly, well you have
the details of all the Bg readings, you have details of people's
basals and boluses stored in the pump's memory - what more information
do you need to see if they're responding correctly?


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