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Re: [IPk] pump and monitor

On Sun, 9 May 1999, morag_mclaren_minimed wrote:

> The rationale for not showing the glucose readings on the screen every 5
> mins is because we need to be sure that both the medical community and
> people with diabetes understand how to respond to these readings with
> appropriate insulin doses and because we don't want people to become
> obsessed with chasing glucose values .
Baloney! Hiding information is stupid. One of these gadgets would be very 
useful to profile a child during the night without having to wake them. 
The way it is now, you have to wake them even if you have one of these 
things to have them test and see if they are not to high or low anyway.

A monitor with a display would be a boon to parents of diabetic children. 
Some STUPID bureaucrat thinks hiding information is somehow useful. When 
will people learn? Must have been a decision made by another one of those 
incredibly well informed diabtes doctors!!

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
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