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Re: [IPk] Response to various points re minimed

Most of the MM pump accessories are designed by a group of women who all
wear pumps . They have set up a company in California called UNIQUE and all
they make are products for carrying the pump .It is a small family type
business .
Being Americans the products  may be a bit large for some of you but the
items are all very simplistic and are intended to be taken in , altered as
necessary .

We are always happy to look at making new products that will help to improve
living with a pump , carrying a pump so keep the ideas coming .
Thanks for all the input .
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 08 May 1999 13:15
Subject: Re: [IPk] Response to various points re minimed

>> then some find it cumbersome. But if anyone wants to tryit out just let =
>> me know.(Any one fancy doing an accessories review)
>I'll review any accessories if I get to keep them!
>> 3) Accessories - as I understand it many of these accessories were =
>> designed by, or suggested by, diabetics from their own personal =
>> experiences. But not every one finds them the same way. we do have a few
>> devotees of the 'thigh thing', for example, but other who are not so =
>> keen. I have not tried it myself!!.
>I wasn't slagging off the MM accessories, Ray. But you're right, different
things suit different people. Some people seem to be unaware of this and are
full of "this is the thing you need - it'll work because we've tested it".
>Eleanor is the only person I've heard of who's found the thigh thing
>works - I've heard so many reports of it not working (which is the
>case for me) that it makes you wonder whether one person just came up
>with it, it worked for them and that was it. I know a
>lot of people who've designed their own things which work much
>better. For example, the thigh thing specifically says "designed not
>to slip" but yet it does slip for a lot of people, and doesn't have
>anything special to grip or prevent it slipping - it's basically just a
>of stretchy material. I suggest you try it (with a pump in) and see if
>it stays on your leg!
>Incidentally, I found a new way to wear the pump last night. I was wearing
a very short skirt with tights on, and I just
>placed the pump in the waistband of the tights (without the clip or
>anything to hold it in place) just next to the front of my hipbone and
>it sat there quite happily all night and never moved, even with
>vigorous dancing, didn't bulge (even though the skirt was clingy) and was
easy to access too. I was really surprised
>at that. Might work for you, Eleanor?
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