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Re: [IPk] Eleanor - thigh things

John N, yeah, I feel the same about getting bored going on about the pump 
all the time. It was great at first... but it's like a stuck record, you 
just end up repeating yourself to everyone. I don't mind explaining to mates 
and stuff, but to people in the street - can't be bothered, anyhow, mummy 
always told me never to talk to strangers, who the hell are you guys anyway? 
STOP OFFERING ME SWEETS. IT WONT WORK. my doctor always told me that I 
should never eat sweets...


>Eleanor Biddle wrote:
> > I wear jeans quite a lot and put the pump in my back pocket. I'm finding
> > that it's wearing holes in my pockets!! Where do other people put the 
> > I've tried putting it round my neck but it pulls down too much.
>Men certainly have an easier time wearing the pump. I clipped it on my
>belt for a few months, hidden under jumper/jacket/whatever. Then summer
>came and I got loads of questions about that funny thing on my belt. I
>was happy to discuss it initially, then I got bored of having to go on
>and on about my bloody pump _all the time_. At that point I wore it in
>my front/side pocket in my trousers. With the QR or Tender, I cut a
>small slit in the lining of the pocket to pass it through and keep the
>whole thing out of sight and out of harm's way. It works great for me,
>and I wouldn't wear it anywhere else. You can just stick your hand in
>your pocket and bolus and no one notices.
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