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Re: [IPk] pump wearing

I KNOW THE STABBING FEELING! but that's only with rapids which are 10mm 
rather than 8mm long. I think that because the point of entrance is totally 
covered up no moisture etc gets next to the skin. I probably use Rapids and 
Tenders equally, often alternate between the 2 so my lower belly area can 
recover. I have quite a small surface area where I can put the Tender 


>Eleanor Biddle wrote:
> > i've made some small holes in some combat trousers but i can only take
> > advantage of this when I wear a Tender because it's unpluggable! this 
> > last year i heard that in germany they were using an unpluggable 
> > where are they?!!
>Ele - do you like to use Rapids sometimes? I tried them last month, but
>I sleep on my stomach and it felt like I was being permanently stabbed
>with a needle. Not nice. What benefits do find with them?
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