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Re: [IPk] Glasgow conference

For once I agree with John N about something <g>.
With a few exceptions, it's going to take such an amount of effort to
get doctors and nurses to change their opinions, sometimes I just
don't think it's worth the energy.
Even the BDA are still saying things like "if you are happy with
adjusting your doses yourself, reduce your insulin before exercise (or
whatever)". I find it hard to believe that there are diabetics out
there who would not be able to cope with adjusting their own insulin
doses if given the necessary tools and advice to do so. And yet so
many of us are not given this and are treated as idiots. And then they
wonder why we are "non-compliant" or have poor control.

I read in Balance last night about the "great news" about Lilly
bringing out a pre-mixed Humalog/long-acting insulin. OK, there are a
few people for whom the pre-mixed insulins are appropriate, but far
too mnay people already are stuck with inflexible regimes like these
and wondering why they can't get better control. And in a whole
article about "the future of diabetes care" they marvelled on about
inhalable insulins and "no more injections" - "this is the future for
diabetics". Well there's no way going from the pump to inhalable
insulins is a step forward for me. Not a single mention of pump
therapy as a step forward (or even alternative) to MDI. OK, so it's
not the be all and end all but it's a darn sight better than what
we've got now.

Ok, my rant over for a bit.
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