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[IPk] Glasgow conference

Hi All

During the 3 days I spent at the conference my overwhelming impression of
the medical professionals, was that they did not understand pump therapy at
all, nor, to a large degree did they understand diabetes.

Mainly they do not understand carbohydrate counting or the effect that c/h
have on blood sugar levels. Furthermore, I am not convinced that they want
to. Their remedy for "high" or "lows" seems to be, "well, just
increase/decrease your dose by two units". No questions are ever asked as to
why you are high or low.

In my opinion, the medical professionals put too much reliance upon HbA1c's,
they seem to believe that if yours between 5-8 you are perfectly controlled.
I know to my cost that that is not the case.

They do not seem to want us to be in control of our own diabetes, THEY want
to control us. They seem not to trust us to make our own decisions. If you
are on the Pen, you are told to have so many units for breakfast, so many
for lunch, so many for dinner and so many overnight, but they never mention
how many carbohydrates to eat at each meal, and you are told never to adjust
you insulin dose by more than two units at any one time. I was told by MANY
nurses that diabetics won't count c/h's. No wonder some of us get

This is not the case in other parts of the world where diabetics are
encouraged to manage their own diabetes. Obviously I am talking generalities
here, there are a lot of Drs & Nurses who feel as I do but they are in the

I am starting to write a book here! I don't mean to it's just that I feel
very strongly about. What a sales pitch for the pump! I thank God I'm on it.

Finally, please all thank Ray Morrissey for the gift of a modem which will
allow Joan Everett, DNS at Bournemouth Hospital, to join this list. She will
being doing so in the very near future and will be accessing from her home,
not the hospital. Thanks Ray, and I will be writing to you as promised.

Joan will be in Holland next week, visiting Dr Hoogma's clinic finding out
how they manage pump therapy. She has already visited USA & Germany on the
same mission. She is one of the enlightened ones.

My Dad taught me to Meditate, He used to say "sit down and shut up!" So
think I will.

Thanks for reading this.

John Davis.

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