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Re: [IPk] Jazz concert

Hi Eleanor

It was a great night, we were a bit short of "Bums on seats" but those that
were there a terrific night.

Lots of photos taken for future PR work.

Local Cable TV will be showing a 2-3 min slot about Pump Therapy on Monday
10 May.

Not sure about the final total yet, but thanks to generous donations from
Disetronic & MiniMed will definitely make money.

We made lots of mistakes in the buildup, mainly due to people saying they
would do something and not doing it, however, you have to look at the
positive side of things, we know now how not to do it! and we still made
money and now have a blueprint for future fundraising.

Even John Hughes enjoyed himself. Thanks John we really appreciated you and
Rital driving all the way from Bristol to attend.


John Davis.

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