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Re: Swimming was [IPk] Glasgow Conference

Dear all

Just to confirm to you all what I told Steve and everyone that came to the
stand at the BDA in Glasgow.  The Disetronic pump is fully waterproof and
can be worn swimming, windsurfing, in the bath/shower, sailing,
snorkelling - not deep sea diving.  You simply need to ensure you insert the
red tappett and change the adaptor monthly to maintain the integrity of the
seal and also ensure you use Disetronic batteries with the seals.  There is
no need for any special covers etc

We had a pump sitting in a fish tank at the stand for 10 hours a day and it
worked fine whenever tested.  Obviously more extensive tests have been done
to enable us to make the claim.

Swim in confidence!

Best wishes

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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 07 May 1999 15:02
Subject: Re: Swimming was [IPk] Glasgow Conference

>Oh yes, you're right, Steven.
>Strange - it's not advertised on Minimed's own site although it is on the
AMT site.
>> Hi Di
>> The info I had is that it is a clear plastic case, waterproof, impact
>> resistant and designed to float. There is a picture on the web site under
>> Products->Pumps->Accessories.
>> Steven
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