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Re: [IPk] pump wearing


Disetronic make a range of cases, belt fastenings, clips etc to enable you
to put your pump virtually anywhere you choose.  The bra strap 'hanger' is
pretty useful if you are wearing loose-ish tops -it clips onto the side of
the bra.

I'll send you an accessories catalogue

Best wishes

John H
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From: Eleanor Biddle <email @ redacted>
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Date: 07 May 1999 14:25
Subject: [IPk] pump wearing

>how do you mean you "clip" it to the inside of strechy trousers? am i right
>in remembering that minimed has a clip on it already? but where do you clip
>it too?
>i sometimes put my pump inside my sports bra, but it doesn't really work
>with regular bras i find. especially if you're wearing a tight top! looks
>very odd!
>the good thing about D pumps is that you don't have to be looking at the
>pump to bolus cos it beeps every 1/2 unit.
>if i'm sitting on a hard chair sometimes the pump digs in but i just take
>out. "clip" seems to be the key word here. where can i get a clip from?
>got some cases which you put on your belt... but i never wear belts!!
>I've looked at mobile phone cases and some of them fit nicely, but why
>should i buy something which has prbably already been invented especially
>for the pump!
>Di, doesn't the pump stick out when you put it in your front pocket?
>i've made some small holes in some combat trousers but i can only take
>advantage of this when I wear a Tender because it's unpluggable! this time
>last year i heard that in germany they were using an unpluggable Rapids...
>where are they?!!
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