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Re: [IPk] pump and monitor


I didn't mean to imply that it would be just around the corner or within a
few years but logic says that Minimeds ultimate goal on working on a
Continuous Monitor has to be linking to a pump.

At the moment the Continuous Monitor is in its early days, as and when it
is approved I would expect to see some fairly rapid improvement in its
capabilities.  The one at the moment appears to be aimed for professional
use but Minimed have said they are looking at a patient version.

The software to link the two may be complex but not impossible to write,
although it will require a further understanding/research of what happens
to BG's and insulin in the body - which again varies with the individual.


At 15:16 07/05/99 , you wrote:
>Steady on! The artificial pancreas is still a long way off. We may have
>islet cell transplantation working before then. Correct me if I'm wrong,
>Ray, but the Continuous Monitor is worn for 3 days, has no display on
>it, and has to be returned to the doctor's surgery to have the 5
>minutely readings downloaded and analysed.
>Connecting it up to the pump in real-time may be unachievable at
>present, because the enormous time lag between the sensor picking up a
>high bg, and the insulin taking effect, will quickly lead to all manner
>of instability, even with all the dampening mechanisms in the book.

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