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Re: Swimming was [IPk] Glasgow Conference

Hi John

Bristol Docks is the last place I would go diving :-) 

I haven't been for a couple of years, primarily because I went out to the
Middle East for a while and the work schedule wouldn't allow it.


At 15:02 07/05/99 , you wrote:
>Steven J Sexton wrote:
>> I was told by Disetronic, only the other the day, that the pump is
>> waterproof - in fact I was told it was suitable for scuba diving although
>> not for deep sea diving.
>How often do you go scuba diving Steven? In the Bristol docks??? :-)
>> I seem to recall that one of the manufacturers, Minimed I think, made a
>> sports pouch which is waterproof.
>Stories "from the field" are that the MiniMed sports guard is a waste of
>space. Poorly designed, and readily leaks...
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