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[IPk] Response to various points re minimed

I've been on the road for the last few days, and have not not kept up with the postings. In answer to some of the points made:
1) The glucose meter, at this point, is meant to be a sort of glucose 'holter monitor', which will enable the medics to get a download of your glucose profile over a three or four day period. The limit on time is because the body may react to the presence of the sensor under the skin, as with an infusion set. The individual sensors cannot be repositioned and must be replaced. Again at this stage the monitor will not display the current BG value.(We have a lot to learn about how we should respond to continuous fluctuations in BG value which will happen to everyone - and you could spend your whole day chasing points on your bg scale - not a good idea)
About linking the pump and monitor - well it can be demonstrated simple IN THE LAB - but don't hold your breath for a fully working and secure unit for general use. The sensor technology in particular must be validated by much longer real experience. Again would you (knowingly) trust your health to something not fully tested
2) waterproof pumps. Whatever the claims I would not take any pump swimming or diving - any small crack or pinhole could result in unnecessary inconvenience.(Understatement?)
Minimed do have a waterproof sportsguard, though only amt show it in their website. We have limited experience, but I understand that if used absolutely correctly then it works. It seals around the tubing by having a flexible seal in the cap end. We did have one user, however, who didn't seal it properly and needed to have her pump checked out. It certainly works in the case of more active sports where protection is the main thing. Obviously as it is big enough to hold the pump inside then some find it cumbersome. But if anyone wants to tryit out just let me know.(Any one fancy doing an accessories review)
3) Accessories - as I understand it many of these accessories were designed by, or suggested by, diabetics from their own personal experiences. But not every one finds them the same way. we do have a few devotees of the 'thigh thing', for example, but other who are not so keen. I have not tried it myself!!.
Keep em coming
Ray Morrissey