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Re: [IPk] pump and monitor

Eleanor Biddle wrote:
> >Minimed have been looking at this for some time, along with a few other
> >companies.
> >
> >If Minimed get it approved, the next step will be linking it to a pump and
> >a bit of fancy software to give you an artificial pancreas.

Steady on! The artificial pancreas is still a long way off. We may have
islet cell transplantation working before then. Correct me if I'm wrong,
Ray, but the Continuous Monitor is worn for 3 days, has no display on
it, and has to be returned to the doctor's surgery to have the 5
minutely readings downloaded and analysed.

Connecting it up to the pump in real-time may be unachievable at
present, because the enormous time lag between the sensor picking up a
high bg, and the insulin taking effect, will quickly lead to all manner
of instability, even with all the dampening mechanisms in the book.

What Disetronic have is a semi-permanent tube that goes from your
abdomen to the liver or portal vein, which means the bg can be changed
almost immediately. That will shorten the feedback time. But you also
need a glucagon supply as well - glucagon is essential in balancing and
reversing the action of insulin in the blood. It's present in the blood
of most non-diabetics most of the time. With diabetes, you've lost
glucagon and insulin production.

So put in immediate insulin and glucagon infusion, and a near-real-time
bg measurment system, and you may have an artificial pancreas. But under
these circumstances, disconnect yourself from the pump, and you could be
in DKA within 30 minutes, rather than the 6 hours it takes with a pump.

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