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Re: [IPk] Eleanor - thigh things

Eleanor Biddle wrote:
> I wear jeans quite a lot and put the pump in my back pocket. I'm finding
> that it's wearing holes in my pockets!! Where do other people put the pump?
> I've tried putting it round my neck but it pulls down too much.

Men certainly have an easier time wearing the pump. I clipped it on my
belt for a few months, hidden under jumper/jacket/whatever. Then summer
came and I got loads of questions about that funny thing on my belt. I
was happy to discuss it initially, then I got bored of having to go on
and on about my bloody pump _all the time_. At that point I wore it in
my front/side pocket in my trousers. With the QR or Tender, I cut a
small slit in the lining of the pocket to pass it through and keep the
whole thing out of sight and out of harm's way. It works great for me,
and I wouldn't wear it anywhere else. You can just stick your hand in
your pocket and bolus and no one notices.

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