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[IPk] drinking...

OK, I thought I'd share my first drinking experiences on the pump since you're all such a bunch of alcoholics :-)

Last night I went out and had about 3 pints of lager (thought I'd keep it conservative for now).
I didn't bolus any extra, because I thought I woudl be dancing (after
all, we were in a Latin club) but I seemed to end up drinking more
than dancing :-(
before I went out my BG was 8.
When I got home at 2am my BG was 15.
I bolused 3 units to lower it (since I know from experience my Bg
doesn't tend to drop until the next day) and ate a slice of toast.

This morning at 7am my Bg was still 15. I took 3 units to cover my
breakfast and 2 units to lower it (should have lowered it about 5
points). At 8am my Bg was 8 (guess I should have taken heed at this
point that it was coming down fast, but I was already running
late). By the time I got to my Braille class I was hypo. Good old
alcohol hits 12 hours later!

I'm also going out tonight - can't help it if people insist on having birthdays!
To another Latin club where I will definitely be dancing all night!
So, I'll try the same again - no extra bolus and see what happens. And
I'll try and remember this time to take less insulin the next morning!


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