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Re: [IPk] pump wearing

> Di,
> how do you mean you "clip" it to the inside of strechy trousers? am i right 
> in remembering that minimed has a clip on it already? but where do you clip 
> it too?

Yes there is a spring clip (like the ones for pagers I am told) which you can use to clip it onto a waistband, or whatever. Instead of clipping it so that the pump is on the outside, I put the pump on the inside of my trousers (vertically, so that the top is level with the waistband, and clip it backwards so that the clip is on the outside. Same kind of idea as when you clip a pen to the pocket of a jacket - you put the pen inside and the clip on the outside.
Is there no kind of clip for the D-pump? That's a shame. The clip's useful when you're getting changed or whatever - rather than disconnect I just clip it to the neck of my tshirt or to whatever is handy.
> i sometimes put my pump inside my sports bra, but it doesn't really work 
> with regular bras i find. especially if you're wearing a tight top! looks 
> very odd!

Do you put it in the same way as I do? Horizontally in the middle? I
find it doesn't show at all, even with a tight top, and I'm only
average-chested. Doesn't work with all bras.
Also, you can put it at the side, under your arm, or a nbit further
forward, if the bra is reasonably wide at the sides. It feels weird at
first but doesn't really show unless you're wearing a very tight
top. Again, I'd put it in somethig (baby sock / footsie / whatever) or
it feels horrible next to your skin.

then again, my vision isn't very good. Maybe it does look really
odd and noone's dared to comment!!!

> the good thing about D pumps is that you don't have to be looking at the 
> pump to bolus cos it beeps every 1/2 unit.

yes, I wish the MM506 had that. The newer MMs (507c) have audio
bolusing. I can only bolus in a good light and by holding it right up
to my eyes (not easy sometimes, depending on where it's attached!)

> if i'm sitting on a hard chair sometimes the pump digs in but i just take it 
> out. "clip" seems to be the key word here. where can i get a clip from? i've 
> got some cases which you put on your belt... but i never wear belts!!

The problem with the MM clip is that it fixes into a special groove
on the back of the pump.
The MM case I have (which I've never used yet) has two type of loop -
one can go round your belt loop (it has a popper to attach it). You
could easily sew something on to your case if it doesn't have
something like that. That would work for jeans at least.
I'd experiment with the Velcro too.
> I've looked at mobile phone cases and some of them fit nicely, but why 
> should i buy something which has prbably already been invented especially 
> for the pump!

I don't know if the D - pump would fit in the MM cases.

> Di, doesn't the pump stick out when you put it in your front pocket?

Not unless they're very tight jeans.
I use the dhort reservoir method which means that you can only fill
the reservoir half full, but the end of it doesn't stick out of the
pump (like it does on the D pump I think).
that helps.
I don't know if the D pump is bigger.

> i've made some small holes in some combat trousers but i can only take 
> advantage of this when I wear a Tender because it's unpluggable! this time 
> last year i heard that in germany they were using an unpluggable Rapids... 
> where are they?!!

I don'tbother wiht the hle in the pocket. I just stick the tube out of
the top of the trousers and then down into the pocket. Hardly shows
at all.

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