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Re: [IPk] Eleanor - thigh things

Di, sorry I seamed to have missed this email, better late then never!

I don't know how heavy the minimed pumps are, but I don't have any problems 
with the thigh thing falling down, but then my thighs are quite big!! There 
is a suspender thingy but it's a bit hard to attach it to anything when 
wearing tights... maybe I should think about stockings!!!

When I wear short skirt/dresses I turn the thigh thing so it's on the inside 
of my leg. it feels a bit weird at first but you get used to it! if i wear 
it on the outside of my leg it tends to bulge out if it's a tight skirt.

walking/dancing... no problem! as you said, just a case of getting used to 

I wear jeans quite a lot and put the pump in my back pocket. I'm finding 
that it's wearing holes in my pockets!! Where do other people put the pump? 
I've tried putting it round my neck but it pulls down too much.


>Hi Eleanor,
>I found the info about thing things at Unique Accessories.
>it seems to be exactly the same as the Minimed thigh thing on their 
>A few people in the US have said they were a waste of time ecause they
>fall down or they pull down  whatever they're attached to.
>I assume you haven't had this problem?
>Do you turn it so the pump's on the inside of your leg?
>And if you're wearing a short skirt, does it not either bulge and/or make
>it hard to walk/dance? Or is it just a question of getting used to it?
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