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Re: [IPk] Glasgow Conference

I know what she did .......

Judging by her alcohol consumption and partying at the weekends, i recon
she spend the whole day drinking booze and sitting in a pool, that way the
BG went really high and then dropped back down to normal, no problem ;-)

This is the solution about being a diabetic, we should forget pumps and
everything else and just stay tanked up all our lives ;-)

I hope everyone realizes im only kidding, hick (ooops excuse me ;-)

At 17:52 06/05/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>Eleanor Biddle wrote:
>> yeah, but then you have hassle of going to your locker blah blah blah.  I
>> think that's just me being lazy. Also you've got to remember how much energy
>> swimming uses. Do you use Actrapid in your pump John?
>No... Humalog for me as well. I'd just use Actrapid is this case since
>it has a slower smoother action. In fact, I'd probably use pork Actrapid
>which is even smoother.
>I remember last summer I had an no delivery alarm at 3am, and could be
>bothered to sort it out (can you at that hour of the night?). Bg was
>fine. So I disconnected, took 3 units of A and went back to bed.
>So what did you do at Center Parc...? The suspense is killing me... You
>spent the whole day with no insulin?
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