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Re: [IPk] getting it spectacularly wrong

> On the face of it you could claim that exercise is extremely bad for
> diabetes control, and should be avoided at all costs! 

Hmmm, well only when you get it wrong!
Although on MDi I was beginning to think so because I just couldn't
control it and was almost always either hypo or rebounded
spectacularly, or both. If it hadn't been for the fact that I have
always been sports mad, I would have given up on it. One of the
reasons I wanted to go on the pump.
> I sometimes wonder whether the MDI phenomenon of exercise -> good
> control is because the sweaty blood pumping activity regularly clears
> out those left-over bits of long acting insulin that can hang around for
> days under the skin, and then release themselves suddenly... no proof of
> this. Just a thought.

Well for me it didn't bring good control - it brought worse control
mostly, but I thought the same thing about clearing out the bits of
old insulin. Trouble is, it made them release suddenly too!

> Don't worry about it. It's only tax-payers money. There's plenty more
> where it came from... You're only getting obsessive when you test and
> can't be bothered to look at the result.

The number of times I've done a test, and then forgotten to check the
reading until about half an hour later! Good thing my meter ahs a
memory! Does that make me obsessive? I just don't like using lots of
anything, even if I'm not paying for it. (OK so I know I'm weird).

> Do be aware that post exercise, the muscle that holds the stomach shut
> (pyloric sphincter?) can remain firmly closed, preventing any carb
> getting to the gut, so it just hangs around in the stomach as you get
> more and more hypo. That's why sucking glucose tablets is such a good
> idea - since the carb can go direct through the lining of your mouth.

Hmmmm, I've never heard that one before. Do you have any source for
this info? Not doubting your word, but I'm just interested.

> How you persuade yourself to do this in your hypoglycemic stupor as you
> sit facing a plate of food is another matter...

Yes, anything seems a good idea compared to glucose tablets :-)

The post-exercise hypo combined with having just taken Humalog and not
eating particularly fast-acting carbs is lethal!
And don't you just hate the "hypo while you're eating" becaseu you
know it will take ages for you to come round but there's nothign you
can do.


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