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Re: [IPk] getting it spectacularly wrong

On the face of it you could claim that exercise is extremely bad for
diabetes control, and should be avoided at all costs! Food likewise. I
believe however that exercise, like food, confers other health benefits,
and, on balance, should be partaken of.

I sometimes wonder whether the MDI phenomenon of exercise -> good
control is because the sweaty blood pumping activity regularly clears
out those left-over bits of long acting insulin that can hang around for
days under the skin, and then release themselves suddenly... no proof of
this. Just a thought.

> used to my BG rising afterwards, I bolused a conservative 1 unit.
> Got home an hour later after going to the supermarket and knew my BG
> was coming down but didn't bother to test (since I feel like I'm
> getting a bit obsessive about testing).

Don't worry about it. It's only tax-payers money. There's plenty more
where it came from... You're only getting obsessive when you test and
can't be bothered to look at the result.

> an hour later I was virtually on the floor. I knew I just had to sit
> and wait it out and after about half an hour I was capable of actually
> testing - reading of 2 so god knows what it was before!

Do be aware that post exercise, the muscle that holds the stomach shut
(pyloric sphincter?) can remain firmly closed, preventing any carb
getting to the gut, so it just hangs around in the stomach as you get
more and more hypo. That's why sucking glucose tablets is such a good
idea - since the carb can go direct through the lining of your mouth.

How you persuade yourself to do this in your hypoglycemic stupor as you
sit facing a plate of food is another matter...

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