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[IPk] Pizza

> hi natty
> I agree about the pizza. Actually I don't mind because it's a good
> incentive to stay away from them! And if I occasionally have one then
> I don't get too worried if my Bgs go a bit high once in a blue
> moon. Also I now know my Bg will be high for hours afterwards so I can
> try and deal with that (easier with a pump!)
> it would be nice to be able to get it right though!
> For me it's more a question of "I want to know WHY" even if I never
> eat them personally.
> Di

The great pizza effect is one of the mysteries of diabetes and the
world. I think I'll do my PhD on it. I once read on Medline (and could
never find again) a medical paper which demonstrated that when you
digest restaurant pizza, the body requires far more insulin to maintain
a normal bg than is explained by it's carb, fat and protein content. So
books can be thrown out of the window at this point.

This suggests it's nothing to do with delayed absorbtion by the fat, but
may be connected with rapid transfer of protein to glucose in the
presence of so much carb. I've no idea why. Or it may be connected with
the cooking process: the wheat flour may cook in a funny way in this
environment, and not become fully hydrolysed (is that the word?).

My bg's go crazy after these sort of meals, and my wife Julia claims I
always go "moody" after pizza. So there are 2 reasons why I tend to
avoid this foodstuff. Pity - cos I love it.

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