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Re: [IPk] New Members

Steven J Sexton wrote:
> On the question of carb counting, I was taught this when I was dxed over 12
> years ago and for the most part I can still eyeball a plate of food and
> come reasonably close but I guess from the conversations here, I will have
> to tighten up as I have become a bit lax - although I still haven't figured
> out pizzas yet.

The thing about pumping is that everything is so much more precise. Once
you know that your basal is covering your basal needs, there's no excuse
not to be bolusing in strict proportion to every gram of carb that
passes your lips. Not that I do, but I'm curious to know what standards
others set themselves. Every sloppy bit of bolusing incresases the
unpredictablilty of your bg later. Since there is virtually no "cost" in
bolusing, and you can do it in 0.1 unit increments, it makes sense to
measure the carb as accurately as possible. If you don't have the luxury
of John's wife's cooking, and live in the real world of grabbed meals at
motorway service stations, there are limits to how accurate you can be.
But I'm still wondering what tricks I can use.

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