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[IPk] getting it spectacularly wrong

Don't worry, I'm still alive!
I learnt a valuable lesson last night though, while trying to recover
from a BG far lower than 2 mmol/l (I tested at 2 when I was feeling

I went swimming last night and my BG was a little high beforehand - 11 (my
own fault for making a slight error earlier). Disconnected while I
swam and afterwards my Bg was still 11 (which I was very pleased
about). As that was too high for my liking, and as in the past I am
used to my BG rising afterwards, I bolused a conservative 1 unit.
Got home an hour later after going to the supermarket and knew my BG
was coming down but didn't bother to test (since I feel like I'm
getting a bit obsessive about testing). My Bg must have been low or I
would have ben more rational at that point, since I ALWAYS test before
a meal. Bolused 3 units and ate. Within 5 minutes of bolusing I felt a
bit low but wasn't too worried as I was in the middle of eating. Half
an hour later I was virtually on the floor. I knew I just had to sit
and wait it out and after about half an hour I was capable of actually
testing - reading of 2 so god knows what it was before!
It was quite scary as I was alone in the house that night, but I
actually wasn't capable of going downstairs and phoning anyone up so
they could check up on me later.

I then remembered that last time I went swimming I went very low
during that night. mayb I'm becoming "normal" after all and getting a
reduced need for insulin after exercise instead of the postexercise
rebound! That would be good news.

Anyway, another lesson learnt the hard way!
I know what I did wrong so I won't do it again, before anyone starts
worrying! I only tend to learn by experience <g>.


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