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Re: [IPk] Carbo counting

> I'm lucky, the Chief Fairy brings me my meal and tells me how many carbs =
> there are. So I find it easy (snigger).
> She tells me that what you have to do is to weigh everything for about a =
> month, after that eyeballing should be fairly accurate.

When I was first dxed we weighed or measured absolutely everything and
figured out the carbs for things I would eat. As you say, once you've
done that for the foods you eat, it becomes easy to eyeball. You can
also the work out new foods based on a comparison technique - it's
like a clustering algorithm - if you don't have information about
something, you work out what it's most similar to and form a cluster of
related things, then percolate the information you have about members
of the cluster upwards and then back downwards (can you tell I work in
AI? <g>)


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