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Re: [IPk] New Members

Hi Steven

Welcome to the list.

Don't think about a pump, get one! It has changed my life! I now live a
normal life not regulated by injection & mealtime schedules. Eat when you
like or not at all, it's fantastic.

Yes there is a very real possibility of a pump centre being set up in
Bristol, discussions are taking place today!!

In Bournemouth we have set up a charity under the auspices of the
Bournemouth Hospital charity, it's called INPUT. At the moment we are making
a real effort to raise money for pump therapy. We have our first fund
raising concert tonight.

Several hospitals do, at the moment, hide pump patients within hidden
budgets, however, with the certain upsurge of demand, which I am convinced
is coming, they will have to legitimise them.

This is where the INPUT expertise (?) will come into play, we hope to
persuade all Regional Hospitals to form their own INPUT groups.

If you would like any further information about INPUT, just ask.

Anyway again welcome.

John Davis.

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