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Re: [IPk] Glasgow Conference

Being someone who likes to experiment <g> I would try some kind of
waterproof container. You know those watertight ones yuo get to put
your valuables in for swimming with a cord to go round your neck (or
wherever). I'd try putting it in something like that, and attaching it
to your swimsuit or something, and setting a lower basal rate for the

I was thinking about doing this anyway when I go to Cyprus in August -
I was going to ask people's opinions on that one.

hang on though - don't you have a D pump, ELeanor? It's waterproof
isn't it?


> Eleanor Biddle wrote:
> > Swimming. I prefer to take off my pump when swimming and it's ok for an hour
> > or so. But what do you do if you spend a DAY at a water park, or Center
> > Parcs or somewhere?
> Me: I'd go to manual. A unit of Actrapid every 2 hours or so by
> pen/syringe.
> John
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