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Re: [IPk] New Members

 it always amazes
> me that something like a pizza can have us all so baffled, the way i was
> always taught was to work out the basic amount and then give yourself the
> insulin to cover that and then watch your BG after that.  You will never
> get it spot on but at the end of the day having a high BG for a few hours
> is not going to do any harm.
> Natty

hi natty
I agree about the pizza. Actually I don't mind because it's a good
incentive to stay away from them! And if I occasionally have one then
I don't get too worried if my Bgs go a bit high once in a blue
moon. Also I now know my Bg will be high for hours afterwards so I can
try and deal with that (easier with a pump!)
it would be nice to be able to get it right though!
For me it's more a question of "I want to know WHY" even if I never
eat them personally.
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