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Re: [IPk] New Members

Welcome Steven, don really know about the trust thing, but it always amazes
me that something like a pizza can have us all so baffled, the way i was
always taught was to work out the basic amount and then give yourself the
insulin to cover that and then watch your BG after that.  You will never
get it spot on but at the end of the day having a high BG for a few hours
is not going to do any harm.


At 21:28 05/05/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi All
>I thought I had better delurk, as I have been here a week or so.  I am not
>yet on a pump but very interested in switching, I almost changed last year
>but didn't for a variety of reasons.
>I have just come back from what I think was a very encouraging meeting in
>Bristol where the topic of discussion was setting up of a pump center here.
> I am hoping the hospital is going to be able to find the necessary
>resources to be able to provide the support and I would hope that I will
>find out in 2-3 weeks time.
>The only other aspect was the financial side.  I understand that a number
>of centers of set up trusts to provide some assistance, could somebody tell
>what others have done and what the options may be.
>On the question of carb counting, I was taught this when I was dxed over 12
>years ago and for the most part I can still eyeball a plate of food and
>come reasonably close but I guess from the conversations here, I will have
>to tighten up as I have become a bit lax - although I still haven't figured
>out pizzas yet.
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