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Re: [IPk] New Members

Morag, the problem most of us find with pizzas is that our BGs don't
react in a manner consistent with the amounts of carb, fat and protein
in them. I stick to home-made pizza which doesn't seem to cause that
problem. I don't think anyone has ever been able to establish the
reason - it's not just the fat. 

I agree about the carb counting. But I did find when switching to the
pump I've had to rethink the carb/insulin ratio - I was astonished at
how much of my basal needs I was covering with Humalog!
Also, because pumping is so much more exact, you may find that small
errors in judgement when on MDI don't make much difference, but they
do on the pump. I've had to tighten up a lot too.

About the clinics - my clinic does have some kind of trust fund to
cover the funding for supplies - I don't know too much about it as
it's all kept fairly quiet - but they also have been able to persuade
two people's GPs to fund their supplies - they're trying with mine so
I'll let you know what happens. They seem quite confident about
it. One person's GP jsut said "no way" and one they are still trying
to persuade. So don't give it up as a dead loss.


> Steven ,
> I can send you an excellent carb counting book if this would help .
> It'll tell  you all you need to know about pizzas and their contents !!

> Morag
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