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Re: [IPk] Glasgow conference

I can't speak for the Glasgow conference but when I went to the Stoke 
conference in November (I think) many of the DSNs were really interested and 
asked a lot of questions. Lots of them took my name, number and address and 
asked if some of their patients could get in contact. Non of them have. 
Don't know what that might mean.

>Would anyone who was up at the BDA conference in Glasgow last week like
>to summarise for us what the current attitude is to insulin pumping out
>there among the healthcase professionals that they met?
>If there is a change in feeling about them, I'm curious to know what has
>caused this... because the equipment around today is really little
>different from what was around 4 or 5 years ago. Are they finally just
>waking from their slumber? Most of us here reckon our pumps are the best
>thing since... er... not having diabetes. But noone else seems to
>realise this.
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