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[IPk] Carbo counting

Hi All
I don't want to preach but I have just spent 3 days telling doctors, nurses etc. that to get good control on the pump you have to count carbs.
You have to be motivated enough to want to manage your own diabetes, so you have to count carbs accurately.
I'm lucky, the Chief Fairy brings me my meal and tells me how many carbs there are. So I find it easy (snigger).
She tells me that what you have to do is to weigh everything for about a month, after that eyeballing should be fairly accurate.
I am trying to persuade her to post her own message about counting but it probably won't happen until after our holiday, but I live in hope.
John N - Average Danish Pastry = 50 grm carbo's, this is fairly accurate as I eat lots of 'em. Pizza is a nightmare, I can't get them right unless they are homemade.
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John Davis.