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[IPk] Glasgow Conference

Sorry I should have posted before but have been finalising our first charity concert, I am getting "Brain Dead".
As you know Disetronic were kind enough to allow INPUT space on their stand. I was amazed at the interest shown in Insulin Pump Therapy by Doctors, Nurses and some Consultants.
I am convinced that ITP is on the way, The Royal Bournemouth Hospital together with Harrogate District Hospital had a Poster entitled "Insulin pump therapy revisited". The conclusion was:
"In selected patients, conversion to CSII has been associated with improved control with reduction both in weight and daily insulin requirements. This has been achieved with no episodes of DKA or severe hypoglycaemia"
Both Ele and myself were part of that study, and it created a great deal of interest. So much so, that at one stage I had a hypo!!
I had just had my lunchtime Bolus of 4 units and had the sandwich to my mouth, when Joan Everett, one of the authors of the poster, bought a Consultant over to see me. He was so interested in pump therapy that I was talking to him for about half an hour, during this time 4 units of Humalog was taking effect! Anyway eventually he left and I sat done to eat my lunch, NO CHANCE! Somebody else started asking me questions about how the pump worked, and as I was explaining how you did a bolus, I started to show him, I dialed up 2 units (knowing you can cancel). Unfortunately, by this time I was going hypo and had lost my usual control. consequence was I was too late to cancel and had another 2 units bolus. By this time, Chief Fairy, (The wife) had noticed and took over in her usual manner. BOY WAS I IN TROUBLE.
To get back to the conference, in my opinion awarenes of insulin pumps is about to explode. You are all probably aware that two more studies are about to start in Bournemouth and Harrogate, these will involve 80 patients going on the pump. I know that other regions are also looking at pump therapy in great detail. We few are the first of the many, believe me.
During the next few months there will be a concentrated effort to get infusion sets put on prescription. I am told that this may be achieved within the year. Lets hope so.
I am sure that both John Hughes and Morag together with Ray Morrissey will post their own conclusions of the conference.
Another ad in my local paper.
Four poster bed, 101 years old. Perfect for antique lover.
Be good.
John Davis.