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Re: [IPk] Carb counting... aaargh!

Nathan J Wright wrote:
> My carb counting is not that good either, but i read an interesting article
> in one of my bodybuilding mags which stated that the average person tends
> to eat the same meals month in month out.  I think it said there were about
> 30-50 different meals on average.

No way!!!! Clearly I'm not average. The whole point of going on the pump
is that I do not want to be forced to eat "standard meals" day in day
out as a sacrifice on the altar of good health. I want to know the carb
content of that Danish pastry right here and now, since that's what I'm
having in lieu of dinner and I'm in a rush. If I misjudge, my bg hits 10
and I feel like shit, or it hits 4 and I feel like shit.

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