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Re: [IPk] Carb counting... aaargh!

I very raerly ate beans and haven't done so for years.
If I ate them regularly I don't think that's too hard.
As far as I remember, a can of beans is about 40g carb?
I could be wrong there - it's years since I ate them. I would guess a
large serving of beans would be half a can, but that's not too hard to
eyeball if you're used to eating beans. 
Toast is easy of course.
But I would never eat beans on toast at a Student Union canteen anyway :-)

Of course, I agree some things are a lot harder to judge.
Pizza - again, not something I eat (except my own home-made ones)
except on very rare occasions, because they have far too much fat and
becaseu it always does horrible things to my BG for hours (home-made
pizza doesn't). But if you eat pizza regularly, there are standard
different thicknesses of base - you can gauge which category it fits
into. You can also tell when you're eating it how much base there is.

I'd estimate a large Danish pastry at about 35g carb - again, not
something I would eat but based on the amount of pastry in it and the
raisins etc. If I ate them I'm sure I'd soon know.


> Di -
> If you can eyeball a large plate of beans on toast which you've been
> served up at the Student Union canteen, and can come up wih the carb
> content to the nearest 5 grams, then I take my hat off to you. I can't.
> And I now admit it. As for that slab of pizza of unknown base thickness,
> or that large Danish pastry you get in the coffee shop... can you really
> assess its carb content by eye? Remember, we're going for a target of 5,
> and we go hypo at 4. There ain't much room for error...
> John
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