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Re: [IPk] Carb counting... aaargh!

Hi John
> I think it was seeing Di start on the pump that prompted me to tighten
> up my act.

Glad to have been of use in something :-)

Even on MDI I carb counted constantly (though the amounts of insulin
it translated to were different because the H was covering some basal
needs, but the carb content of the food remains the same of course!)

I've noticed that some of the folks in the US tend to get a bit
obsessed about carb counting (no offence to anyone). Personally I
think that eyeballing generally works well with practice. But the key
to it is to learn from your mistakes. If your eyeball and guess, you
need to check whether your guess was right. If not, then you need to
remember next time. If you guess and don't test afterwards, you'll
never know if you were right or not.

Eating at home is usually easy. I find eating out is generally OK if
I'm eating something I might eat at home or have eaten before.
Of course, sometimes you can be completely fooled. I find things like
soup really hard because you never really know what's in them.

Whilst in the US people generally seem to find it easy to ask for
nutritional info from the establishment, or ask them to weigh the food
(Michael - I think you said Lily asks them to weigh the icecream and
they are happy to before serving it to her), I think over here people
are less likely to oblige (and being British, I wouldn't ask
anyway!). I just try and equate it to what I know. Generally I don't
find the carbs a problem - easy to see how much pastry is in the pie
or how many peas there are on the plate -  and protein similarly, but fat is the one that gets
me because you never know how much is hidden. I think you have to go
by experience on that one. I tend to stick to low fat things anyway
when I eat out (with the exception of cheese, but I know how fat is in
that anyway). Maybe it's the kind of things I eat which help me - I
tend to eat things I can predict reasonably accurately - not for the
that reason, but just because that's what I eat, and because I like to know
what's in my food. Also I don't eat out much anyway and when I do it's
generally the same types of places. Other people's cooking it's a lot
easier to ask directly!

Pf course, now I'm pumping I may find that I'm not as good at carb
counting as I thought. We'll see.

Does that help at all? Probably not.

> So what to do? I get a plate full of food in the canteen. How much
> pastry is on that pie? What's in the pie? How starchy or wet is the
> potato (that has a major effect on the carb). And the peas and
> carrots... the gravy... as for the slice of apple pie for pudding...
> what the hell is in that? Prepackaged food is easy - 90% of the time the
> carb is on the packet. But it's the publicly served food that beats me.

> John
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