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[IPk] Carb counting... aaargh!

How do you guys manage with carb counting? (John D excluded... I'm told
you send your food for laboratory anaylsis before consumption ;-)

I think it was seeing Di start on the pump that prompted me to tighten
up my act. And sure enough - guess what? - most major fluctuations in my
bg can be pinned down to sloppy bolus calculations. It's amazing! Carb
counting _really_ works - when I can be bothered to do it, that is. And
a lot of the time I can't be bothered. I just "eye ball" my food, and
take what I think it needs. And it looks like most of the time I'm
completely wrong.

So what to do? I get a plate full of food in the canteen. How much
pastry is on that pie? What's in the pie? How starchy or wet is the
potato (that has a major effect on the carb). And the peas and
carrots... the gravy... as for the slice of apple pie for pudding...
what the hell is in that? Prepackaged food is easy - 90% of the time the
carb is on the packet. But it's the publicly served food that beats me.
I'm tantalisingly close to getting really good control combined with
complete freedom of bingeing/food consumption, but I'm being prevented
from achieving it by my inability to correctly assess the carb content.

Anyone share any tips or confessions? I've got some small digital scales
which is a start. But should I really be taking those to lunch with me,
and shovelling bits of food on and off different plates in front of my
friends and colleagues in the restaurant? But 1oz of unbolussed carb is
the difference between a bg of 5 and 10...

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