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Re: [IPk] eye stuff

Thanks Natty and John D and John N for your support about the eye stuff.

I'll answre eveyone's mails in one go (if I can remember all the questions).

I was having a bad day yesterday and felt the need to sound off a little.
Luckily I had my dance class which put me back in an excellent mood (except
when my partner caught his hand in the tubing and accidentally yanked at it
right by the site! The tape came a little loose but the set seems very
secure still. there's no spot that's safe from a dance partner's hands!)

The good news is that after I changed my set back to my stomach, my Bg came
down nice and slowly to 7 with the help of 5 units of H, just in time for my
dance class. I shouldn't say this because it will now all go horribly wrong,
no douibt, but reducing my basal by half appears to be perfect for dancing.
I ended up 43 hours later with an identical Bg of 7 and no hypos. I've NEVER
been able to do that successfully before the pump, and this is the third
time I've done it with the pump. So even if nothing else, given the amount
of time I spend exercising that is great. Same for swimming - I disconnected
and ended up with a BG of 6 after 45 minutes - the same as I started with.
Night time basals are still not right. Last night I went to bed with a Bg of
7, at 4am it was 15 and at 7am it was 15. The nightime readings seem to vary
so much. Guess I'm going to have to keep testing them for a while and see if
I can find some patterns.

About the eyes - yes, Morag, I have had x million and 3 laser treatments to
my eyes - they can't do any more to my right eye and very little more to my
And they've done a vitrectomy to my right eye and may do one to my left soon.

I could ring up my eye woman but I know what she'll say anyway so there's no
point. I've got an appointment sometime inthe next couple of weeks I think
anyway. Nothing she can do while there's huge amounts of blood in my eye anyway.

Um. yes, John D, I do look at my computer screen all day, but I take a lot
of breaks. I have to as after a few minutes I can't see anything anyway.
Reading is actually far more tiring than using my computer because the fonts
on my computer are a lot bigger. 


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